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Advantages of Buying With A Platinum VIP Realtor

FIRST ACCESS to inventory and incentive pricing

You will receive first access to the condo project before the sales center opens to the general public, which means you will get the best pricing and more priority in unit selection.


Condo developers generally go through a series of selling events before opening their doors to the public. Once doors are open to the public, a very small percentage of the condo units remain for public for sale.


Generally, the sequential order of sales events and realtor access is:


  1. Friends and Family sales event
  2. Platinum VIP Realtor access (*where we come in)
  3. VIP Realtor access
  4. General Realtor access
  5. Pre-registration access
  6. General public access

Timing between each of the above periods of sale can vary by project, but it is safe to say that there could be months between the Platinum VIP Realtor access (B) time period and the General public access date (F).


What does this mean for you in terms of PRICING?


The pricing during the Platinum VIP Realtor access period for a unit can be significantly less than the price during the public access period.


Pre-construction developers rely on simple formulas to sell their projects and developments. There are price increases at every sales event level. Generally, as inventory decreases, prices increase. The highest percentage of units are usually sold during the Platinum VIP Realtor access period, as our clients are the first to receive access to the development after the condo developer’s own friends and family.


What does this mean for you in terms of UNIT SELECTION?


By the time the project opens to the general public, the most sought after condo layouts for investment purposes may be taken. Going in with a Platinum VIP Realtor, you will have access to a wider variety of units/layouts to choose from.



You’ll get a clear understanding the sale process, including builder pricing strategies and buyer incentives.


Contracts can be daunting to go through, a Platinum VIP Realtor can walk you through these with ease due to their experience and industry knowledge. Generally, salespersons employed by the builder will not have the capacity or take the time to carefully walk you through the details of the transaction, including deposit structure and payment timeline.


If you are looking strictly for investment purposes, a Platinum VIP Realtor can also guide you in making a sound investment decision based on your individual needs.


On the flipside, why would a developer want to use a Platinum VIP Realtor?


  1. Knowledge of the process and expertise in the industry makes for a smoother more efficient sales process for both the buyer and the developer when a Platinum VIP Realtor is involved.
  1. Historically, Platinum VIP Realtors generally sell the majority of the condo developers inventory.
  1. Shorting inventory before sub sequential launches allows the developer to increase prices.
  1. Platinum VIP Realtors streamline things for the developer thus making it an easier sale for the developers team. (Soft Opening)
  1. To strengthen and keep relationships satisfied.
  1. Selling secure transactions. (lower rates of rescinded units)
  1. They build a buzz through the community and make the general public aware of a project before it launches.

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